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If you’re looking for demolition services in Calgary, we can help. With an experienced team that understands the demolition process, we’ll get your project done on time and take care of all the details. We have the proper equipment, training, and expertise.

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Demolition can be dangerous, with the potential for hazards and personal injury. If you’re considering taking on the demolition job yourself, you should be aware of the risks and possible time delays that decision may cause.

With the possibility of toxic materials, unseen power, gas, and water lines, tackling a demolition project without training and safety equipment is asking for trouble. Why not let trained professionals deal with the project?

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Our team will help plan the demolition, carry out the project on time, with proper equipment, and attention to the safety of all involved. We’ll plan out the entire project and consider any unique factors that might affect the outcome.


If you have a barn that has reached the end of its structural life, the best plan is to demolish and remove any danger to yourself and your family. We know which materials and equipment we’ll need to perform a safe demolition.


Commercial demolition has many considerations, including building codes, concerns from building owners, and impact on neighboring businesses. It is the kind of project that needs to be handled effectively by someone with experience.


Like commercial demolition, interior industrial demolition brings with it many concerns for health and safety. Industrial demolition is more likely to expose materials that can be hazardous to your health, materials that need professional handling.

Full House Demolition

With Calgary’s skyrocketing housing market, it can often be a wise financial decision to remove an existing house and build another in its place. Zoning laws may even allow for two infill homes in place of a single house on a larger lot.

Our team will help plan the demolition, carry out the project on time, with proper equipment, and attention to the safety of all involved. We’ll plan out the entire project and consider any unique factors that might affect the outcome.

We’ll ensure no damage to surrounding properties, execute the plan properly, and that the demolition space will be clean and usable after the project. We’ll dispose of unwanted materials from the site.

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Interior House Demolition

Maybe your project involves removing interior walls, stairs and creating new living spaces within your existing property. Or you’ve purchased an older model home and are looking to renovate the interior thoroughly. We have you covered.

Interior house demolition can be tricky, considering existing infrastructure such as gas, water, power lines, and load-bearing walls. You don’t want to be tackling this project yourself, risking the house’s integrity, or creating other costly problems.

Our team will work with you to determine possibilities that fit your ideas and build a project plan covering timing, removal of materials, and site clean-up. We’ll get the job done quickly and safely, allowing you to move forward with making the home of your dreams.

Emergency Demolition Service

We thoroughly plan most demolition projects well before any work takes place, but there are occasions where emergency demolition needs to occur for the safety of others. If a building has been deemed unsound by authorities, demolition needs to happen quickly.

The need to have a project completed quickly doesn’t remove other factors such as safety and an organized plan. Our experts will spring into action, creating a project plan that ensures a demolition can happen imminently and in a manner that doesn’t impact other buildings when possible and also provides for the safety of all workers involved.

Our team will handle the hows and whys. You get back to the other concerns and issues that arise in an emergency, confident that we’re running the demolition and that we’ll take away unwanted materials.

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Why Choose Us

Demolition is a process that needs methodical, reasoned handling. If things aren’t thought through and planned, accidents can happen. Consider accidents that injure and endanger lives through lack of safety and unexpected events and accidents that cause repair and stabilization. Accidents and issues arising from inexperienced demolition are costly and delay your plans. Hire the experts, and rest easy knowing that they’ll handle things.

Qualified Expert

We can’t stress enough that your demolition project should be in the hands of experts. Call us today!

Flexible Schedule

We make ourselves available no matter the requirements and will work with you to work out the best project schedule.

Workmanship Quality

Our team will help plan the demolition, carry out the project on time with proper equipment, and attention to the safety.

Affordable Package

Demolition services are expensive but every situation is unique and we always willing to work with clients' budgets.

Quality Professionals

We will work with you to determine & build a project plan covering timing, removal of materials, and site clean-up.

Special Care

Every project is unique in its requirements and we provide special care to each one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Demolition is a precise art, one that requires a professional team. Handling things yourself could lead to high costs, injury, or worse. If you have a demolition projection or around Calgary, let’s talk about it. We can help you find a perfect solution to get the job done on time and within budget.

Deconstruction is different from demolition in that it focuses on removing and reusing as much of the building material as possible. In some cases, the demolition team will take apart the structure to reassemble it in a different location.

Deconstruction could involve removing kitchen counters, doors, hardwood flooring, cabinets, and windows. In whole-house deconstruction, deconstruction involves reclaiming materials like joists, wirings, pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

While most demolition debris is reusable, deconstruction aims to increase that amount as high as possible.

If the building in question was built before the 1908s, there is a good chance that it contains asbestos. Asbestos isn’t dangerous by its nature, but when it is broken or damaged, tiny fibers can become airborne, and if those fibers enter the lungs, they can cause long-term health issues.

If you have concerns or believe that you may have asbestos in your location, be sure to discuss this when consulting with our demolition specialists.

Depending on the project, you may need a demolition permit. If you are demolishing or moving a building, including partial demolition such as keeping the foundation and removing the building, you’ll need a permit issued by the City of Calgary.

For interior commercial demolition or interior residential demolition in Calgary, you’ll require a building permit rather than a demolition permit.
These procedures allow the city to be aware of the project, arrange for water, gas, or power to be disconnected to the building, and allow for inspections by city officials.

Debris will be removed and sorted during the demolition process, with hazardous goods disposed of according to local and Provincial regulations and unusable materials dropped off at the landfill. Where possible, materials are reclaimed and distributed to recycling sites and can be made use of again.

During the planning phase of demolition, we’ll make arrangements to dispose of or donate specific items if the client requires that.

Some people believe that demolition involves a cloud of smoke and materials dumped in the landfill. Modern demolition is all about low-impact projects and promoting the reuse and repurposing of materials.

While the idea of renovating and reusing an existing building seems more eco-friendly than demolishing and rebuilding, consider that renovation also includes a demolition phase. The demolition process can help remove toxic materials such as asbestos from home, making it safer for the inhabitants.

Demolition experts act as stewards for the environment by ensuring minimal disruption through particulate matter, proper disposal of toxic or hazardous goods, and making materials available to be reused.

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