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Interior Industrial Demolition

Interior industrial demolition is the process of tearing down the inside spaces of buildings like chemical plants, power plants, or manufacturing facilities while maintaining the integrity of the existing outer structure. This work can entail tearing down heavy walls and structural beams, ripping up floors, and removing ceilings.

Interior Industrial Demolition Services

Interior industrial demolition projects are typically large-scale jobs requiring professionals’ know-how to ensure they are completed safely and comply with state and federal regulations. Special equipment for cutting through concrete, metal, and rebar is needed.

This type of demolition is beneficial for both businesses and communities because it allows for old structures to be updated with safer materials, properly removes contamination and hazardous waste, and promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability in an industry where waste is a big problem.

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Our team will help plan the demolition, carry out the project on time, with proper equipment, and attention to the safety of all involved. We’ll plan out the entire project and consider any unique factors that might affect the outcome.


If you have a barn that has reached the end of its structural life, the best plan is to demolish and remove any danger to yourself and your family. We know which materials and equipment we’ll need to perform a safe demolition.


Commercial demolition has many considerations, including building codes, concerns from building owners, and impact on neighboring businesses. It is the kind of project that needs to be handled effectively by someone with experience.


Like commercial demolition, interior industrial demolition brings with it many concerns for health and safety. Industrial demolition is more likely to expose materials that can be hazardous to your health, materials that need professional handling.

Increase Building Safety

A considerable benefit to interior industrial demolition is the ability to replace outdated and dangerous building materials, including those with asbestos and mould, with safer options. Asbestos, a toxic substance that was a prevalent construction material before 1986, is a significant concern for many older industrial buildings. While you might not be aware of it, you can find asbestos in various materials, including paint, flooring, shingles, pipes, and tile.

As it ages, asbestos crumbles and its fibres are breathed in, posing health risks to the building’s occupants in the form of mesothelioma and other cancers. While not as directly harmful, mould can also cause short and long-term health problems such as coughing, headaches, and wheezing. It also exacerbates pre-existing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Experienced interior demolition professionals can test for the presence of these harmful materials and recommend the safest ways to remove them without disturbing the building’s exterior or releasing them into other parts of the building.

In the end, updating interior structures like walls, ceilings, and floors with modern building materials can positively impact businesses, their employees, and their customers.

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Proper Waste Management

Old industrial facilities such as factories and mills are often home to hazardous substances, chemicals, and waste material. If left unchecked, these harmful materials can pollute the surrounding areas. Building materials like lead paint and PCB caulking are also considered hazardous waste and should be tested for and disposed of by trained professionals. These experts understand that they have to handle the materials correctly to avoid harming the environment and help you avoid accumulating regulatory fines. If you don’t correctly dispose of these dangerous materials, toxins and chemicals can be introduced into the environment and have lasting effects on water, soil, air, and wildlife populations.

Interior industrial demolition experts are armed with the knowledge to identify hazardous materials and dispose of them safely.

Environmental Advantages

On the other hand, various nonhazardous materials are present in industrial buildings that can be recycled and reused. During an interior demolition of an industrial facility, you (or your team of professionals) can salvage items like rebar, bricks, glass, gypsum, and concrete. These items can be turned into new asphalt and concrete products, mulch, compost, and more.

Depending on their condition prior to demolition, some materials like doors and cabinets can be refinished and resold to consumers at a reduced cost. All of these aid in community efforts to reduce landfill space and lower the collective carbon footprint.

Recycling and reusing materials found from industrial interior demolition is beneficial for keeping usable products out of landfills. Still, it also reduces the need for raw materials in new construction sites. It decreases the energy needed to produce new items. It also avoids over mining of natural resources and deforestation.

Interior industrial demolition has various environmental benefits, ultimately creating healthier communities and more sustainability in the industrial sector.

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